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The project is funded by the Liguria Region: “Programma Attuativo Regionale del Fondo Aree Sottoutilizzate” 2007-2013 (PAR-FAS)


Implementation of a mobile Cloud Computing system and some Serious Games aimed at supporting intellectually impaired people in their everyday life and mobility. A particular attention has been paid to the Down syndrome.


Description of the project

Smart Angel aims at giving an active but non-intrusive support towards personal autonomy and independence for people with intellectual disabilities. The system offers support in their everyday life activities (preparing dinner, shopping, going to the gym, etc.) as well as urban mobility (knowing the way, managing unplanned situations, staying on time, etc.).

Smart Angel has been developed for young adults with moderate-severe intellectual disabilities, with particular attention to the Down syndrome. The Smart Angel user has the ability (actual or potential) to move autonomously in some areas and manage by him/herself some everyday life activities in his/her home or free time.

Every user is equipped with a mobile device: his/her “guardian angel”. With then use of satellite and terrestrial geolocation systems, the mobile devices are linked to the cloud system and therefore allow the educators to see the position and the movements of each user.

The educators can, therefore, in real time, supervise the users’ movements, receive their requests for support and, when needed, they can step in. Furthermore, the system offers the educators access to data related to the past activities of each user, allowing them to have a better understanding of the user’s real skills.

CNR Activities

Analysis of the requirements of the target population with reference to the use and the interaction with the technological tools aimed at the development of the abilities needed for independent living, with particular attention to game contexts.

Design and adaptation of the “planner” tool in line with the needs of the Smart Angel project; technical modelling of the innovative software products to be developed; implementation in the adapted “planner” of the detailed plan of the project.

Study, identification and formalization in informal natural language of a model of the user and his/her context.

Design and implementation of tools and an e-learning platform to support the training of the educators.

Validation of the developed Serious Games for the acquisition of the basic mobility skills and of the e.-learning platform for the educators.

Expected results

Development and test of a mobile Cloud system to support urban mobility and home independent living for people with intellectual disabilities. The system offers a non- intrusive active support to the users and keeps track of their position in town using geolocation systems.

Development and test of some Serious Games for the acquisition of the basic skills needed for urban mobility. An evaluation of their real validity and guidelines for their use.

Definition, implementation and test use of a course for the educators complete of all the needed materials and guides for its correct use.