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20/03/2018 - 20/03/2018
Incontro fra esperti giapponesi ed italiani presso ITD-CNR
ITD-CNR - Via de Marini, 6 - XV piano

ITD-CNR, 15° floor, Via De Marini 16, Genoa
20th March 2018

Research trends of educational technology in Japan and JSET

Prof. Katsuaki Suzuki

Japan Society for Educational Technology
Research Center for Instructional Systems, Kumamoto University, Japan

Aim of the seminar is to provide an overview of the research trends on educational technology in Japan and in the Japan Society of Educational Technology. Since its birth in November 1984, JSET has been a major academic society in the research and practice of technology in education, including theories of instruction and learning. JSET was born from the network of educational technology centers in Colleges of Education. Recently, JSET is attracting more researchers in diverse areas of study in higher education sector, who wish to make their instruction better by utilizing educational technology research outcomes, and to publish their own results as well. As of July 2017, the number of its members is growing and about to reach 3,000.

Katsuaki Suzuki, Ph.D, is professor of Instructional Systems at Graduate School of Social and Cultural Sciences and Director of the Research Center for Instructional Systems, Kumamoto University, Japan. He has been Visiting professor at the Open University Graduate School Japan (2006-2009); parttime lecturer at Tohoku University Graduate School; director of International Board for Standards of Training, Performance, and Instruction; councilor and editorial member of Japan Society for Educational Technology; board member and editorial member of Japanese Society for Information and Systems in Education; Vice President of Japan Association for Educational Media Studies; honorary member of e-Learning Consortium Japan, etc. Author of "Principles of Instructional Design" (translation supervisor), "Designing Motivation to Learn" (translation supervisor), "Design Manual for Self-learning Material", "Getting Started in Educational Technology Research" (joint translator, commentator).


Measuring activities for learning and mind

Prof. Minoru Nakayama

Department of Information and Communications Engineering, School of Engineering
Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan

Measurement and evaluation of human behaviour is a key for understanding progress in learning and human information processing. This talk presents some cases dedicated to measuring behaviours for such purposes. First, the relationships between note taking activities and participant reflection were evaluated during online learning courses. The effectiveness of communications for collaborative work was lexically evaluated and their activities were analysed. In addition, some topics concerning reading comprehension, usability assessment, human visual perception and emotional monitoring using eye movements and pupillary responses will be presented.

Minoru Nakayama, Ph.D, is a professor at Information and Communications Engineering, and Systems and Control Engineering, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan. He completed the Master of Education program at Tokyo Gakugei University, and received a Doctorate in Engineering from Tokyo Institute of Technology. He taught at Human System Science and the Center for Research and Development of Educational Technology (CRADLE), Tokyo Institute of Technology until 2015. His research concerns Human Visual Perception, Human Computer Interaction and Educational Technology. He is a member of ACM, BERA and several Japanese academic societies, and serves as a coordinate editor of Behaviormetrika.