The Institute for Educational Technology part of the Italian National Research Council is the only scientific research institute in Italy devoted solely to research into educational innovation supported by the employment of ICT-related models, methods and tools.

ITD's investigation of Educational Inclusion addresses the relationship between education and students with Special Education Needs (SEN), including those related to disability, immigration, people with learning difficulties or who are unable to attend school regularly. This research effort is inspired by the UNESCO approach to inclusion, whereby the individual requirements of learners with difficulties are best met by creating learning environments and communities that can be configured in an agile manner to meet their specific needs.

The current spread of the COVID-19 virus is posing enormous challenges, profoundly affecting our daily way of life, including the way we work, socialise and learn. CNR-ITD researchers and support staff are seeking to help Italy's teachers by offering them opportunities to take part in online initiatives that explore the adoption of distance learning strategies and environments and inclusive education.

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