The educational technology research field is interdisciplinary in nature and in rapid evolution. Accordingly, CNR-ITD researchers have a well-developed capacity to dynamically form purpose- and theme-based research teams that have the competences required to pursue specific project-based objectives and new research opportunities.
CNR-ITD’s research lines, as outlined below, reflect the state of the art in the field and outline the institute's forward-looking vision. Several transversal themes are common to all the research lines and typify study being undertaken in the sector as a whole: educational affordances offered by emerging and consolidated technologies such as social media, cloud computing, mobile and tangible systems, etc.; analysis of innovative learning methods like game based learning, mobile learning, online learning, inquiry based learning, etc.; characterization of context-dependent facilitators and inhibitors impacting the application of digital technologies in formal, non-formal and informal learning settings, including school, university, professional training, lifelong learning, self-driven learning, and so on.

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