Please note the publication of "Conversational Agents as Online Learning Tutors", edited by Guglielmo Trentin (ITD-CNR) and published by Nova Science Publishers.

In the education field, the use of conversational agents has generated some very promising results when employed as individual learning enhancers and, as recent research shows, in collaborative learning too. Some researchers categorize their different educational applications in three roles: (1) as advanced help and learning process facilitators; (2) as personal coaches with specific domain knowledge; and (3) as role-playing actors in simulated experiential learning environments. One particularly interesting sector for the application of conversational agents is that of massive online open courses (MOOCs) and integration with Intelligent Tutoring Systems (ITS) to build personalized learning processes and human-machine interactions that are more natural and effective.

By gathering important contributions from leading international experts in the field, this book explores the application of conversational agents in the specific role of tutor in e-learning processes. The aim is to investigate: [a] their technological implementation; [b] the underlying instructional design; [c] the type of activities that conversational agents carry out; [d] the outcomes of different experimental pilots and prototypes.