Distance hybrid classes: methodological and practical guidelines for deploying distance hybrid classes, covering both technological and educational aspects.

Webinars proposed by the INDIRE research group (Tuesday 3 March 2020)

TRIS.2 HOME SCHOOLING METHODOLOGY: before, during and after the Covid-19 crisis

Some webinars offered in conjunction with Italy’s National Association of School Principals (ANP) and Fondazione TIM (Tuesday 10 March and Wednesday 12 March 2020 )

When school comes home

An initiative by Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (Italian Research Council) dedicated to home schooling.

Education Ministry initiative: "L'INCLUSIONE VIA WEB" (web-based inclusion)

CNR-ITD researchers participate in the special Education Ministry taskforce set up by Italy’s Department of Human, Financial & Technical Resources. The taskforce’s remit is to help manage activities undertaken within the "L’inclusione via web" initiative.

Good Practices and Challenges in School Hospitals during the Covid-19 crisis

Interview with a group of teachers from various hospital schools around Italy. A document summarising the main outcomes will soon be published.

WEB INCLUSION: Good practices in the age of Covid-19

How do you manage ODL when teaching students with autism? How can you respond to families who feel abandoned? Where can you find strategies and good practices to prevent at-risk students wandering off their learning and educational pathway?

  • Speakers: Flavio Fogarolo, Fabrizio Corradi, Stefania Vannucchi, Claudia Munaro, Carlo Cipollone, Raffaele Ciambrone, Tiziana Catenazzo, Lucia Ferlino (CNR-ITD)
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