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Role: Former Staff Member
ITD office: Genoa
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Robino Giorgio

I’m an applied researcher, senior software engineer and ICT project manager.

Since 2015 I deal in Conversational AI and all technologies related to natural language human-computer interaction, like chatbots, smart speakers, voice assistants applications.

Since 2016 I own https://www.convcomp.it , an Italian blog about tech solutions and market analysis in the conversational computing space. In my online publication I currently wrote articles deepening new technologies and trends (mainly about voice user interfaces and personal assistants). 

In 2016-2017 I actively supported ChatScript, a rule-based chatbot scripting language / engine, contributing myself to the open-source project ().

Since 2018 I’m a research fellow at the Italian National Research Council Institute for Educational Technology (ITD-CNR). Here, as researcher and engineer, I developed CPIAbot, a voice/multimodal chatbot helping foreigners refugees, who study at CPIA, Italian public schools for adults, to learn Italian language fundamentals (L2/PreA1). More details here: https://www.itd.cnr.it/Progetti_Rispo1.php?PROGETTO=1193

Opensource related projects:

CPIAbot conversational backend is based upon NaifJs, a state-machine based multi-user dialog manager for general-purpose workflow-based conversations.

In September 2020 I released the platform I conceived and implemented as an open source ( https://github.com/solyarisoftware/naifjs ). 

I'm now also working on related opensource project JoinTTS ( https://github.com/solyarisoftware/jointts ), a simple text to speech concatenative platform that's useful also in language education apps for syllables pronunciation, characters and words spelling.

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