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Make Biology Fun with Virtual Reality
Begins: 2020-10-31
Ends: 2022-10-30
ITD reference office: Palermo


Project code: KA201-C2DA8C4D  Agreement: 2020-1-SK01-KA201-078297


In the current crisis caused by COVID-19, the need to teach in primary schools using digital technologies and online platforms such as e-learning has become more prominent than ever. The situation, on the other hand, places great demands on parents who are to ensure "distance learning" without being methodically prepared for the situation. The ALIVE project provides a solution that can help eliminate the situation in the future, as it combines the benefits of online (or, better said distance) education with traditional face to face classroom teaching. Through virtual reality and the 3D world, it will enable the teacher to conduct distance learning - in virtual reality - but at the same time to be in direct contact with their pupils as if they were in their own classroom. A significant advantage is the potential of digital technologies for an interesting form of knowledge presentation.

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