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Bigger Data
Begins: 2014-01-01
Ends: 2015-12-31
ITD reference office: Genoa

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Bigger Data 


PON RICERCA BANDO START UP, decreto MIUR N° 436 DEL 13/03/2013...


The project "BIGGER DATA" intends to enhance and enrich the remarkable heritage of data available through the program "Open Data"2 by local governments and enterprise, in order to obtain information of high utility to the socio-economic cities environment, immediately useful for community and for the improvement of public and private services.


To achieve these objectives, the project will use an ICT platform that will serve to collect data from heterogeneous sources, to process data and to make them available for the provision of services through applications on mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.).

Expected results

Enhancement of systems for Big Data knowledge management. Develop of a platform for BIG Open Data management able to support the design of  new smart application within smart cities.

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