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Pre-service teacher training in educational technology
Begins: 2000-01-01
Ends: 2006-12-31
ITD reference office: Genoa

Pre-service teacher training in educational technology 

Problem faced

The TD-SSIS project tackled the problem of how to train teachers in the field of educational technology, with a focus on identifying suitable methods and contents.

In Italy, the main problem features are: the large size of the target population, the lack of a consolidated tradition in educational technology training and the highly diversified needs of the trainees (due to the different technological and disciplinary backgrounds and to the different features of the subjects taught). The TD-SSIS project tackled these problems with the aim to develop, evaluate and fine tune a flexible model of a training program for perspective teachers. The ideas and the training materials developed in the project have been tested within the Educational Technology course of the Liguria post-graduate school for secondary education.

Main results

Online and blended models for initial teacher training in educational technology.

A number of course prototypes entailing the integration of online techniques in teacher education. These prototypes include training material of different types: students lecture notes, students guide, software handbooks.

Reports and publications on trainee teachers attitudes towards educational technology.

Reports and publications on six years of experiments concerning the introduction of online training in a course in educational technology for trainee teachers.

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