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Role: Technical officer
ITD office: Genoa
Telephone number: 0106475681
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Earp Jeffrey



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Current projects & activities

Past projects

  • Presente Digitale  - teacher training courses on the digital world
  • DigCompEduSAT - a self-assessment tool that helps educators verify and develop their digital competency profile
  • DigCompOrg - European Framework for Digitally Competent Educational Organisations
  • Gaming Horizons - Alternative Framings for Gaming - H2020
  • MAGICAL MAking Games In CollaborAtion for Learning) - Lifelong Learning Programme, Key Activity 3 (Multilateral projects) (7PQ)
  • GaLA (Games and Learning Alliance) - European Network of Excellence on Serious Games (FP7)
  • GEL a Theme Team on Games Enhanced Learning in STELLAR , the European Network of Excellence on Technology Enhanced Learning (FP7)
  • Share.TEC - Accessing digital resources for Teacher Education across Europe (eContentplus)
  • ReMath - Computer-based systems for supporting mathematics teaching and learning (IST - Information Society Technologies)
  • Accessibility of Educational Software (project within the Italian Ministry of Education program on Accessibility of New Technologies)
  • Essediquadro - Educational Software Information and Support Service (Italian Ministry of Education project)
  • TD-SSIS - Pre-service teacher training in educational technology
  • Narrative and Learning Environments (SIG NLE), Kaleidoscope Network of Excellence on Technology Enhanced Learning (FP6)
  • uTeacher - Towards a professional profile for the educational technology teacher (E-learming Program)
  • WAVES - a Vortal about Education on Sea - Genoa Acquarium - Socrates Program
  • T3 Telematics for Teacher Training - ICT for pre-service teacher education

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