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Computer-based systems for supporting mathematics teaching and learning
Begins: 2005-01-01
Ends: 2009-12-31
ITD reference office: Genoa

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Computer-based systems for supporting mathematics teaching and learning 

ReMath: Representing Mathematics with Digital Media (IST-4-26751)

The ReMath project was aimed at exploring European-level integration of theoretical frameworks regarding mathematics teaching and learning with digital technologies, taking a 'learning through representing' approach and focusing on the didactical functionality of digital media. The work was based on evidence from experience involving a cyclical process of:

  • developing six state-of-the-art dynamic digital artefacts for representing mathematics involving the domains of algebra, geometry and applied mathematics;
  • developing scenarios for the use of these artefacts for educational added value;
  • carrying out empirical research involving cross-experimentation in realistic educational contexts.

ITD's involvement in the ReMath project specifically regarded:

  • development of an interactive mathematics tool (ALNUSET) for teaching/learning algebra in secondary school;
  • design of a conceptual model for representing pedagogical scenarios and creation of a computer-based tool for constructing and viewing experimental scenarios (called Pedagogical Plan Manager);
  • development of a detailed pedagogical scenario based on classroom use of the ITD-developed software, ALNUSET, and of another collaboratively-designed scenario that features use of software from another ReMath partner;
  • classroom experimentation of the two scenarios with a view to evaluating the above-mentioned undertakings and to providing input towards the general aims of the project.


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