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SELFIE for teachers
Begins: 2020-10-13
Ends: 2021-10-12
ITD reference office: Genoa


The European Commission’s Joint Research Centre (JRC-B.4) has launched a research & development programme in four Member States (Estonia, Lithuania, Italy and Portugal) for the design and field testing of an online self-reflection tool on the digital competence of teachers in all types of schools running (compulsory) primary and secondary education. The tool is called “SELFIE for Teachers” and it builds on the European Reference Framework on the Digital Competence of Educators, DigCompEdu. Production and take-up of DigCompEdu/SELFIE for Teachers is one of the priorities of the European Commission’s new Action Plan for Digital Education 2021-2027 (Strategic Priority 1). Furthermore, it is cited in the guidelines for Integrated Digital Education (DDI) that have been issued by Italy’s Ministry of Education. These guidelines frame and support the production of training courses in individual schools and also underpin wider training of school staff (teachers, support personnel, school managers) within Italy’s "Formare al Futuro" program. SELFIE for Teachers will complement the already well-established use of SELFIE, the EC’s self-reflection tool dedicated to the overall digital capacity of the school as a learning community. 

Objectives & expected results 

SELFIE for Teachers encourages teachers to enhance their digital competence by promoting a process of self-reflection on their digital capacity which reveals already solid skill areas and highlights those which could benefit from further development. This self-reflection process is driven by a free, easy-to-use online tool (managed by the EC’s JRC B-4) that is being field tested in various Member States for validation and refinement purposes before eventual release Europe-wide.  In Italy, CNR-ITD will coordinate and lead adaptation and fine-tuning of the tool to ensure it suits the Italian education landscape. In collaboration with expert teachers, the tool will be translated and appropriately localized, with special attention to semantic adaptation and aspects such as clarity, coherence, contextual relevance and ease of use. The tool will then be made available to over 1000 teachers belonging to more than 20 schools of various kinds and levels distributed throughout Italy. This will take place in two distinct experimental phases:

  • Pre-pilot phase (December 2020 to January 2021)
  • Pilot phase (April 2021) 

In these field activities, teachers will use the SELFIE for Teachers online tool to trace their digital competence profile. In doing so, they will also contribute to the validation of the tool and provide input for its overall fine-tuning. In addition to the testing campaigns, CNR-ITD will conduct focus groups with teachers from various parts of the country and at different school levels to collect their feedback and further input for optimising the tool.

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