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Mental Health for Health Professionals
Begins: 2022-04-01
Ends: 2024-10-01
ITD reference office: Genoa

Project description

The ERASMUS+ WECARE (Mental Health for Health Professionals) project aims to increase the resilience of health workers. Health professionals face physical and psychological stress (risk factors) related to their working conditions. Although their health literacy may be high, health-promoting behaviors are hindered by shift work or voluntary assignments, high workload and 'work density' (i.e., the ratio of a person's workload to the resources he or she has to perform it) as well as emotional and mental stress. Integrating health-promoting behaviors into daily life requires personal (inner) changes that are not easy to achieve. Therefore, it is necessary to increase intrinsic motivation and support health workers with actionable strategies for a healthier lifestyle so that they stay in their profession (and in the health sector) longer. With the WECARE-APP project, we aim to offer a mobile application for health workers that can be used as a (pocket) coach and is available anytime and anywhere to promote, coach, and maintain mental well-being in an easily accessible way.


  • Understand mechanisms for implementation of mental health strategies to everyday life for health care workers.
  • improve mental wellbeing of health professionals by providing a helpful, all time available and motivating tool for promoting mental health.

Planned results:

  • The WECARE App will be the main result, it has the aim to support mental health of health professionals in a personalised, low-threshold and direct way. The app will include contents and activities related to mental wellbeing and will target specifically health professionals. In order to support users' engagement and motivation to use, the App will be gamified.
  • Guidelines for health promotion activities in the sector and other sectors, to make the results and findings of the project available and known to the healthcare sector as well as other areas of society and working life, we summarize them in a paper called recommendations for health
Project manager:
  • Johanniter Akademie Mitteldeutschland, German (Coordinator)
  • Johanniter Österreich Ausbildung und Forschung gemeinnützige GmbH, Austria
  • Danmar Computers, Poland
  • Trade Union of Sebian Dostors and Pharmacists, Serbia
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